Frank Eidel
September 16, 2020
Silver-Garburg in 'new' Brahms concerto
Sam Barker

The Silver-Garburg Piano Duo presents the world premiere recording of a 'new' Brahms concerto, featuring the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and conductor Florian Krumpöck, on Berlin Classics.

This fascinating new work was commissioned by the 2020 Opus Klassik Award-nominated Sivan Silver and Gil Garburg.

Brahms's love of piano music for four hands is well-known, and can be seen in the rich array of works he wrote in that genre. Now, admired composer and arranger Richard Dünser has created a fascinating 'new Brahms piano concerto' for piano four hands and orchestra, written for the Silver-Garburg Piano Duo.

The new work is drawn from the Piano Quartet Op. 25 -  the idea for which came from the Silver-Garburg Piano Duo. The album also includes Brahms's Haydn Variations, among the most important Romantic works for two pianos. The notion of looking to the Piano Quartet Op. 25 is not without precedent. Brahms himself composed a four-handed version, without orchestra (and Arnold Schoenberg orchestrated it without piano). So this new concerto was an attempt to turn the Piano Quartet into an authentically Brahmsian four-handed concerto.

Silver-Garburg have already started performing the concerto around the world and have made a world premiere recording for Berlin Classics, for release on 9th October (26th October in the UK).

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