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A winner of the Evgeny Svetlanov Conducting Competition, Valencia-born conductor Roberto Forés Veses is, since 2012, Chief Conductor and Artistic Director of the Orchestre d’Auvergne - where he presides over a string-playing tradition famous across France and internationally, and has overseen the ensemble’s elevation to France’s ‘national’-level orchestras (hence, it is now the Orchestre National d’Auvergne).

Posted: Jan-22-2021
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Posted: Jan-19-2019
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"Classical music can be revisited if it is made with meaning, the meaning that everyone wants to give it. For me, music can be something very serious, but for you it can be an afternoon's or a night's entertainment, and you do it in a lighter way. In my case, I don't consider myself very purist or traditional. Personally, I think we should always be open to new ways of working."

— CulturPlaza, March 2020
Posted: Jan-22-2021
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Posted: Jan-22-2021