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Interview with Roberto Forés Veses

"Classical music can be revisited if it is made with meaning, the meaning that everyone wants to give it. For me, music can be something very serious, but for you it can be an afternoon's or a night's entertainment, and you do it in a lighter way. In my case, I don't consider myself very purist or traditional. Personally, I think we should always be open to new ways of working."

Interview by Sara Cano, CulturPlaza, March 2020
Amadeo Vives: Doña Francisquita

“At the head of the Lausanne Chamber Orchestra, Roberto Forés Veses takes on Amadeo Vives' score with energy and conviction and highlights the many melodies in the work. The vocal distribution is almost exclusively Spanish speaking. She is brilliantly led by the tenor Ismael Jordi, a lover who is as fiery as he is shadowy, with solar highs and delicately chiseled phrasing. In the title role, Leonor Bonilla is light and sparkling, with a youthful and luminous tone."

Claudio Poloni, Concerto Net, February 2020
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