InsideOut has been hailed as a transformative experience for seasoned concert-goers and newcomers alike – every concert has sold-out and brought people new to classical music into the concert-hall. As thrilling as it is, Maestro Bernard presents ‘InsideOut’ as a carefully crafted experience for its target audiences. For each program, he typically creates one family-friendly event (including abbreviated musical works with explanations geared towards children, followed by an instrument zoo so that younger audience-members can also try the instruments) and one full concert experience (with complete musical works, interspersed with introduction and explanations tailored to the InsideOut format).

Posted: Nov-26-2018
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"For the first time in Greenwich, musicians, conductors and listeners came together for an immersive performance of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. Fans and newcomers were seated near the orchestra members, changing the way they hear this beloved work."

— Greenwich Time
Posted: Apr-19-2020
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Posted: May-19-2019