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Ostinato Étude opus 66 for piano solo
Duration: 3 minutes (1 movement)
World premiere: Salle Gaveau, Paris (FRANCE), 26th of March 2014
Irina Lankova, piano

Soliloquy opus 59 (2012) for cello
Duration: 7 minutes (1 movement)
World premiere: SUNY Fredonia (State University of New York) USA April 16th 2013.
Jeffrey Zeigler, cello

Fireworks opus 57 for pedal piano
Roberto Prosseda, pedal piano
World premiere: Livorno, Teatro Goldoni, ITALY, March 1st 2013.

Reminiscences of childhood opus 54 for piano solo
Duration: 11 mins (three pieces)
World premiere: It's all about piano Festival, London, UK, 6th of April 2014.
Pascal Amoyel, piano

Nocturne Op. 46 (2007) for harp
Duration: 5 mins. (1 movement)
World premiere: Royal Academy of Music, London, 11th June 2008.

Quasi Una Cadenza Op. 26 (2002) for violin
Duration: 5 mins. (1 movement)
World premiere: Borenstein Music Festival, London July 2003.
Pierre Bensaid, violin

Sonata for piano Op. 21 (2000)
Duration: 17 mins. (3 movements)
World premiere: 10th London International Jewish Music Festival, St Giles, Cripplegate, 12th June 2000.
Gila Goldstein, piano

Kol Nidreï Op. 10 (1996) for organ
Duration: 9 mins. (1 movement)
World premiere: British & American Music Festival, Royal Academy of Music, London, 20th June 1996.
Robin Walker, organ

Etude Poème Op. 8 (1995) for harp
Duration: 8 mins. (1 movement)
World premiere: British Music Information Centre, London, 6th October 1995.
Anne- Sophie Bertrand, harp.

Suite Op. 4 (1995) for piano
Duration: 9 mins. (2 movements)
World premiere: Purcell Room, London, 9th January 1996.
Lorenzo Marasso, piano

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