November 21, 2022
Gramophone lauds Robert Treviño and his versatile Basque players

".... With Ravel mark two hot off the press, it's worth delving more deeply into the musical priorities of a rising star conductor, an orchestra with a unique connection to its regional audience, and a 'local' composer who turns out to be considerably more than the cultured Parisian of popular tradition.

In rehearsal, in conversation, or even over dinner, Treviño puts people at their ease with a natural charm. A generous host and bon viveur, he listens as much as he talks. Put him in front of an orchestra and he becomes a human dynamo - energy is the word musicians use most often when listing his defining qualities. Plug him in the grid and you could light up San Sebastian for a month. He's also tireless, with the word workaholic cropping up more than once. ..."

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