Liszt: Twelve Symphonic Poems
Label: Brilliant Classics
Released: September 1, 2018
Catalog Num: 95748

With his Symphonic Poems Franz Liszt created a new genre of program music, in which a certain extra-musical work of art, event or general feeling received a musical form and expression as a one-movement work for full symphony orchestra. In this he paved the way for many composers after him, notably Wagner, Franck and Richard Strauss. Liszt wrote his Symphonic Poems in several versions: for orchestra, for 2 pianos and piano duet. This new set presents the first complete recording of the 2 piano version, which are no mere transcriptions but expertly written (what else to expect from a master pianist/composer..?) substantial and challenging concert pieces. Played with true insight, feeling for colour and lots of virtuosity by pianists Mattia Ometto and Leslie Howard, the Liszt expert and champion, who recorded the complete piano works for Hyperion.

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Updated: May-19-2019
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